Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad/Papa/Father

An Inspiration
A Man who still remember how he taught me to walk
A Man who still have my first word's recorded with him
A Man who still have his children first drawing with him
A Man who smile when we smile
A Man who is so innocent that his innocence kills his life
A Man who have thought more about others than himself
A Man who have big dreams but live with a simple life
A Man who teaches everything to everyone
A Man who is friend for all and enemy for cruel
A Man who is strongest as pillar
A Man who have 3 children and one beautiful lady :)
That's My Dad and Today is his birthday
Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day 
To Man of our life
A stem of our tree which make us stronger day after day
Happy Birthday Papa
We wish you full success and happiness in life
We Respect you a lot and you are my inspiration

27th April, the day when a man was born who in real don't know his actual birth date :) Well Well Well that's my father Mr Rajender Kumar Mehendiratta. We all kids have a story with our dad and we all want to do something special for our parents but we are so involved in our life that we hardly get time to express our feelings. We don't even wish them at times not even thinking how much that mean to them.

On this day I not just wanna wish my Dad a Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day, I also want to tell him that I love you a lot nevertheless if I have hurt you still you are the most important man of my life.

Happy Birthday Papa!!! Hope you have great years full of happiness always